This is an Anti-leech, download limiter / file manager, that uses tokens to verify downloads instead of HTTP_REFERER or IP which can be spoofed or changed. Good coding practice with modern PHP security. XHTML / CSS valid output. Easy to customize with html templates. Usage is dead simple, the included and auto-installed web page does everything for you. Extremely easy to manage all of your download files and very easy to work into your existing web page. Uses flat files so no need for an additional MySQL database. Just upload, run install, and you are done. It's that easy. Downloads can be limited to a certain transfer size per time frame, which can be further broken down into smaller intervals, all with only a couple settings. This helps spread out the limitation to different timezone and prevents all available bandwidth being used in a short period. Many more options that are all easily configurable.

Feature List



The installation creates everything you need to start using right away. All you need to do is: